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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

i am a type nerd. no question.

hey all, well, i think the title sums it up. i just love fonts (or typefaces if you prefer)!

i honestly can't think of many things better than drawing letters... the only hassle is that i;m not that great at it... well not yet anyway! i want to become a type designer. luckly for me my work encourages me to learn, so i get to spend a few hours each week solely on type design.

my current typeface is still in the early stages, it's called CPD Chomel, and here is a sample:

so... yeah.... and if anyone else is into typefaces, try going to http://ilovetypography.com/ or http://www.typophile.com

thanks for listening.

cheers - sye :)


Anonymous said...

I love you and your nerdy ways!

NEIC said...

There's no way that you're a nerd. Nerds have no personality and you have heaps of personality. In fact personality plus. It is true that you are right into types, well someone's got to do it otherwise we wouldn't have the fantastic variety of types around. OK so I am biased and I love being so.

varultz said...

hey anon and neic, thanks for your nice comments. it's nice to have friends like you... except i;m not sure you are my friends as i don't even know who you are? anyway.... thanks again for the kind words.
cheers - sye :)

Kathleen Pearce said...

so, love this typeface :D
can I use it?!

johno said...

You've made a great start. You'll love fitting it ;)

varultz said...

thanks for the encouragement johno! as i've said before, your site is one i visit almost daily... do you do any type design yourself?